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  • The Tale of Two Christmases

    The Tale of Two Christmases

    Christmas Day can be a hell of an ordeal, and some of us have to go through it twice. In this essay, Kiran warps through his tumultuous memories of Christmas from childhood to adulthood, recounting the tight-rope walk between civility and chaos in celebrating the day with two very different families.

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  • shapeshifting


    An amorphous body seeking a form to settle into and call home. Shapeshifting through the past, Rhi speaks the the girl they were and the patchwork being they have become.

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  • Divorced Adult Gay Seeks Date for Christmas

    Divorced Adult Gay Seeks Date for Christmas

    In the first of our Summer Series, Grace Shelley reflects on Christmases past, unpacks critical hits to the psyche made from across the breakfast table and ponders the future.

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  • Soul Sister — A Live Script Reading

    Soul Sister — A Live Script Reading

    This one’s for the queer Filipino-Kiwis out there just trying to see themselves! Aotearoa theatre may be on the up-and-up with LGBTQ+ stories but that intersectionality and representation is vital. That’s what’s so exciting about Caryl Loria Illana’s ‘Soul Sister’. Ari Banog went to check out the live script reading at BATS Theatre for us.

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  • Out of the Ashes

    Out of the Ashes

    On Thursday 15 September, queer folks converged at the National Library to celebrate 30 years of resistance with LAGANZ, and enjoy the launch of the latest issue of The Archive is Alive zine. Erin Ramsay writes of their experience of the evening.

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  • We’re All Made of Lightning by Khadro Mohamed

    We’re All Made of Lightning by Khadro Mohamed

    “If this book were fire, I would burn myself on it daily.” Harold reviews Khadro Mohamed’s poetry collection ‘We’re All Made of Lightning’. Putting in words feelings they’ve returned to repeatedly since first reading the collection.

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  • Gay Death Stocktake — A Review

    Gay Death Stocktake — A Review

    Life ends at 30 for a gay man. Nathan Joe’s latest production, ‘Gay Death Stocktake’ explores this old myth in an unrehearsed, directorless exploration of life past 30 with a different queer man on stage each night.

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  • Beyond the Proscenium Arch

    Beyond the Proscenium Arch

    On an unassuming winter night in Tāmaki, Alex de Vries finds himself in a former local board office in Morningside to experience a reading of ‘Leaning Left’ by Sam Brooks. He left hopeful of local theatre’s ability to embrace flexibility in a volatile mid-COVID world.

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  • Silo Theatre’s ‘The Writer’ — A Review

    Silo Theatre’s ‘The Writer’ — A Review

    Swallowed whole by Q Theatre’s Rangatira, Tate Fountain experiences the Silo Theatre premiere performance of Ella Hickson’s ‘The Writer’. Like a lady on fire, she paints a portrait of the evening.

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  • Mad Butcher’s love song

    Mad Butcher’s love song

    You just can’t beat the mad butcher’s meat… In this rural bodice-ripper, stone-butch shepherd seduces farmer’s-wife femme.

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