Category: fiction

  • Tepidarium


    A ballerina going through heartbreak seeks solace in a spa, the water healing, soothing. The twist in the tail is that she is performing the leading role of Ondine, a mermaid, this season, and there are many resonances between her situation and the heroine’s.

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  • Ego Death

    Ego Death

    Encountering a monster of your own making, do you know what you’d do?

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  • Recipe for Disaster

    Recipe for Disaster

    DISCLAIMER: While the consumption of dubious delicacies is not recommended, it has to be said that the Recipe for Disaster is one you must try at some point in your life.

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  • An Ordinary Evening

    An Ordinary Evening

    Five people sit down together at the end of the night to play a game of truth or dare. Little do they know that something else is setting the rules.

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  • Āniwaniwa


    Flatmate free amidst shifting lockdown levels, Rua finds a friend for the night. Bathed in the moonglow, the two men find a connection.

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  • What We Do in the Morbius

    What We Do in the Morbius

    Damien asked for Morbius fic and Emma delivered. Dr Morbius becomes leader of the Vampire Council. Laszlo has something to say about that.

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  • Hatred For The Healer

    Hatred For The Healer

    In this twisted and corrupted world of the future there is little solace. A lone healer seeks to help the sick mutants who persist. But danger lurks behind every corner.

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  • Caesar and Cleo

    Caesar and Cleo

    Through short story, Erin Ramsay touches on the corrosiveness of dysphoria, the decay of late capitalism, and the ambivalences of certain kinds of friendship.

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