How to submit

Got some work for the team to check out? Fantastic! Here’s the best way to submit your work to us:

Please email your submission to with “Submission” somewhere in your subject line. Tells us about your work and anything else you would like to share.

If you are submitting writing, attach it as a Word document or share a Google Docs file! Please no PDFs, they’re tricky to work with. Please make sure your name is either on the file or in the file name.

If you are submitting poems please submit no more than five at a time, each starting on a new page with a clear title so we know they’re separate pieces.

If you are submitting long-form writing (essays, fiction etc) please submit your work as single-spaced with no paragraph formatting.

If you are submitting art or photography, the best formats to submit as are PNG, JPEG or JPG. We ask that you please submit no more than five pieces at a time. Please make sure your files are labelled with your name.

If you are submitting video or audio, please reach out by email and we will talk about whether we can make your submission work on the website.

Additional information

If it is your first time publishing on bad apple, there are a few additional pieces of information we will need to publish your work on the website. They are:

  • The name you would like to publish under
  • A short third-person bio (approx. three lines)
  • Your pronouns
  • Any tribal connections you may have (Aotearoa or overseas)
  • Any social media accounts you would like to share
  • An author photo (if you’re comfortable having one on site)

If you’d like an example bio, please ask when emailing and we’ll send one through. There are also two things that would be super helpful if you could provide, but we can manage without them!

  1. A blurb that sums up/teases what your piece is about (two–three lines)
  2. Any art or photography you may wish to use as a featured image

If you don’t have any art or photography, we would really appreciate any artistic/thematic/vibe directions you can provide so we can find something appropriate to pair with your work.

Thank you for your interest and for supporting bad apple! Happy submitting!


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