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First things first

1. You don’t have to be a pro!

bad apple is just as much about the journey as the destination. We’re all here to learn and support each other while we get good work out into the world. Our crew has editors and artists who can help you polish your words and develop your skills, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2. It doesn’t have to explicitly be about queerness!

It’s bullshit that we’re expected to write exclusively about our queerness when we all know the breadth and complexity of what we’re capable of. We’re open to works about anything(!) because if you’re queer your work is inherently queer.

3. No such thing as a bad idea!

Give us your hot takes, reviews of the best fic you’ve read on AO3, your thoughts and feelings at your last family gathering, a step-by-step guide to how to smite your enemy, a cute recipe for banana bread—anything and everything.

I wanna make stuff!

We’re always looking for articles, comics, short stories, poetry, and creation in all its forms! Send your ideas to our Lead Editor, Damien, at

I wanna draw!

If you’d like to illustrate our articles, posters, social media posters and more, get in touch with our Creative Director, Sloane, at

I’m a tech whiz!

Got a brilliant mind with a knack for tech and web development? We would love to get your support in the continued maintenance and expansion of bad apple. Reach out to our Tech Lead, Iris, at

Need anything else?

Yes! We’re always looking for help with brainstorming, workshopping ideas, editing, art, community-building, moral support, funny memes… You can join our Discord server and keep an eye out for other things we need. If you have any suggestions, email us at

Donations also help maintain our servers and go towards developing bad apple into something bigger.


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