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  • The Ocean Dome

    The Ocean Dome

    In Miyazaki, Japan, 1993, the Ocean Dome’s retractable roof slid open and the sun bathed the artificial landscape. For Billie Angus, the Ocean Dome still stands as an enduring presence on the periphery—their feet buried in its sand.

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  • Swallow Your Grief!

    Swallow Your Grief!

    A house slides down from its perch on a cliff and a departed pet is kept in a cake-shaped box in the freezer in this essay from Gurleen Minhas.

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  • Hopeful Things

    Hopeful Things

    In their bad apple debut Aroha Witinitara returns to the trenches of childhood to reflect on adulthood and deliver an optimistic message to their younger self.

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  • Colville


    gorm hendo returns to summers of their youth, running around topless and exploring barefoot and unsupervised in this essay ‘Colville’.

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    Devon Webb reflects on her experience with groupie culture in Pōneke, the sexism ingrained within the music scene and the essential artistry of being a fan.

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  • manual focus

    manual focus

    kī anthony reflects on childhood trauma and adult agency, as a photographic subject and photographer.

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  • The Tale of Two Christmases

    The Tale of Two Christmases

    Christmas Day can be a hell of an ordeal, and some of us have to go through it twice. In this essay, Kiran warps through his tumultuous memories of Christmas from childhood to adulthood, recounting the tight-rope walk between civility and chaos in celebrating the day with two very different families.

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  • shapeshifting


    An amorphous body seeking a form to settle into and call home. Shapeshifting through the past, Rhi speaks the the girl they were and the patchwork being they have become.

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  • Divorced Adult Gay Seeks Date for Christmas

    Divorced Adult Gay Seeks Date for Christmas

    In the first of our Summer Series, Grace Shelley reflects on Christmases past, unpacks critical hits to the psyche made from across the breakfast table and ponders the future.

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