my costume was wide enough but 
                 ridiculously long 
like slender man 
             if he was all 
and not 
              u know   
                                         \ slender 
                                         \ a man
when you grow up fat u learn to adapt to 
              make urself small   to be invisible 
but u just want to have fun 
                                                             / are you sure you need that many 
i take my hand back from the pumpkin that’s all 
disembowelled all plastic 
all grimace
             the motion-censored witch cackles behind me
i get given two apples at the next house
and i wish i went as a ghost


both our mums say we’re almost 
too old to trick or treat 
so we gotta 
make the most of it 
we want
free lollies
we go as an angel and a devil bc we’re best friends
i’m the angel ofc 
i go to a catholic school and i am too 
scared to break any rules 
our spaghetti straps 
feel scandalous and i feel the 
way my body moves in this costume in
excruciating detail
i compare myself to her
she moves in a way i 
will not let myself 
later that night i 
hold hands with a cute boy 
who tells me how pretty my face is
i blush and he walks me home
the next day he texts to ask if i think 
she would go out with him 



the time has come 

i will be slutty 
i will be so very slutty 

everyone will hit on me and 
that girl who has been flirting with me all night 

when i ask to kiss her 
she will definitely not reject me 

she will definitely not say that
she has a boyfriend i promise

i will be a slutty witch with a tight 
slutty dress that shows off my big slutty stomach

and my big slutty tits and i will smile
bc baby it’s halloween and i can be anything

Featured photo Photo by Aphiwat Chuangchoem on Pexels.


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