E4E (she’s so masc)

she’s so masc, she
recently told me she might start using a moisturiser more often
after years of washing her face in the shower
with cetaphil, and yet
her skin is perfect, soft

and she’s so masc, she
doesn’t change her sheets more often than once a month
one time washing her duvet in the bath tub
flooding the garage
unlike me, the paragon of domesticity 
my mother raised me to be

she’s so masc, she
wears beige trousers and yet
makes them look handsome, dapper
unlike my thick thighs, too broad for anything but 
niche brand, femme marketed, hip straining

but when we hold each other
and we don’t have to make no homo jokes
because we’re secure enough in ourselves to know our friendship is 
expansive, untethered

Featured image by Erin Ramsay as @supervisual.png on Instagram.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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