High Five

What's up, nerds?
Ryan done fell down.
Set upon by hyenas,
He quickly joins their ranks.
Reset! They wait.

What would you do for a friend?
I’d feed your cat while you’re in rehab
And tell stories from the old days
I’d bring you soup in the hospital
Here comes the airplane
Ehren enters the scene,
Diligently carrying his precious tray.
Small talk, a prelude to betrayal.
Platter splattered; a splayed parade.
The Jackass crows: He fell for the soup!

I used to think that everything
Could be cured by soup, or laughter.
In the decade since we last high-fived,
We’ve seen death, downward spirals, bone spurs.
We will not get our Forever.

Player three is aptly named: Bam!
Knocked flat backwards
By an unseen, violent hand,
Burrito backboarding straight into the trash.
Life is like that, sometimes.
Complacency makes fools of us all, 
So like men who profess fearlessness,
Yet won't take off their sunglasses inside,
Beware hyenas with giant hands,
And pray, fervently pray,
     that you end up,
     on the inside
     of a joke.

Featured photo by Ansgar Scheffold on Unsplash.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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