• KITTEN by Olive Nuttall

    KITTEN by Olive Nuttall

    Those who get it, get it. In review of Olive Nuttall’s debut novel, ‘kitten’, kī anthony writes of trans experience. Somehow they also manage to reference ‘Haikyuu!’, Torrey Peters and ‘My Immortal’ along the way.

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  • Dream Girl by Joy Holley

    Dream Girl by Joy Holley

    In this review, Mikee Sto Domingo floats through the gossamer portrait of high femme adolescence and vibey vignettes that make up Joy Holley’s ‘Dream Girl’.

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  • Audition by Pip Adam

    Audition by Pip Adam

    Pip Adam’s newest book, ‘Audition’ sent Casey Lucas into fervor from which she birthed a review, immediately deleted it and penned this, newer, different review. Read through to get a glimpse of exactly why she did that.

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  • A Lack of Good Sons by Jake Arthur

    A Lack of Good Sons by Jake Arthur

    harold coutts is back with their monthly book review. This month sees harold return to poetry with their attention grabbed by Jake Arthur’s ‘A Lack of Good Sons’, hooked, line and sinker.

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