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  • In 200 Minds — A Review

    In 200 Minds — A Review

    In review of Katie Shaw’s ‘In 200 Minds’ gorm hendo contemplates the idea of intention vs. interpretation and pulls out unexpected threads of art from their own life.

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  • Tepidarium


    A ballerina going through heartbreak seeks solace in a spa, the water healing, soothing. The twist in the tail is that she is performing the leading role of Ondine, a mermaid, this season, and there are many resonances between her situation and the heroine’s.

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  • Night and Mortar — A Review

    Night and Mortar — A Review

    Night and Mortar takes the stage on a stormy night in Grey Lynn and Alex de Vries sits at a fold-out table with a drink to nurse ready for the performance to unfold.

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