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  • Cows Over Vitebsk

    Cows Over Vitebsk

    This poem draws inspiration from not just one painting but Marc Chagall’s broader depictions of “anthropomorphised” animals, particularly cows, and the blurring of the human and non-human that they represent.”

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  • Calliope


    In his bad apple debut, William Holden pens this poem to our goddess Calliope.

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  • Three Witches

    Three Witches

    Originally written for The Dowse’s ‘Sisterly’ exhibition, Cadence Chung shares this work of witchiness with us. When Desire, Muse and Moonlight meet, magic is bound to happen.

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  • One must imagine Sisyphus shredded

    One must imagine Sisyphus shredded

    From one of Casey Lucas’s favourite Romantic paintings this poem was birthed. It is about “looking at beautiful stuff, and subtly about my own frustrations with how both hiking and this painting are frequently used to convey MOTIVATIONAL FITNESS MESSAGES instead of just being about appreciating a beautiful thing.”

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  • girl crying

    girl crying

    Giovanni Bragolin was prolific for his series of paintings of crying children and the urban legend of the cursed ‘crying boy’, but the print this poem by Jose Thomas is about isn’t that one, and maybe this print is actually cursed.

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  • Creation


    The beginning of the world, or the end of it, is the subject of this poem by Maddie Fenn. It is inspired by the feminist artist Alexis Hunter’s painting ‘CREATION’, as well as W.B Yeat’s poem ‘The Second Coming’. Hunter’s work always puts the body at stake, and here we are at the moment of…

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  • clytemnestra by john collier

    clytemnestra by john collier

    Blood trickles over marble and a challenge is made in this poetic response to Clytemnestra from Hebe Kearney.

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  • Portrait of a sad girl

    Portrait of a sad girl

    For FRAMED!, Amelia Kirkness draws inspiration from the field of art restoration (and a past obsession with the Baumgartner YouTube channel) to create something new.

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  • Heave is a Blue Room

    Heave is a Blue Room

    Commissioned by City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi in response to the exhibition ‘Imagined in the Context of a Room: the works of Joanna Margaret Paul’ – ‘Heaven is a Blue Room’ is a poem which pays homage to the longstanding, sensational impact and delicate nature of Margaret Paul’s practice in Aotearoa.

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  • The Seven Sorrows of Mary

    The Seven Sorrows of Mary

    Mary Mosteller writes to the Immaculate Heart bearing her name, hung in the home of her grandparents —weighing heavy over her.

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