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Āporo Press is bad apple‘s associated micro-press established and run by Damien Levi. We aim to publish works by minority voices in Aotearoa New Zealand and fill gaps in the market left unaddressed by major publishing houses.

Spoiled Fruit: Queer Poetry from Aotearoa (2023) is the first titled published by Āporo Press, edited by Damien Levi and Amber Esau.

Due to the nature of independent publishing, Āporo Press has a limited capability for considering submissions as we have strictly limited funds. If you are interested in publishing with us, however, we are open to considering your work. Please email aporo.press@gmail.com. We thank you for your patience in waiting for our reply.

Spoiled Fruit: Queer Poetry from Aotearoa

Spoiled Fruit is the debut title from micro press Āporo Press. This collection gathers 20 queer poets from across Aotearoa, compiles work largely first published on bad apple and asks these poets to reflect upon their work to create new pieces. Emerging from this introspection are themes of growth, evolution, change and transition. Like spoiled fruit fallen and left to rot, new growth emerges.

Edited by Damien Levi and Amber Esau.

Contributions from Nicola Andrews, kī anthony, kate aschoff, Jo Bragg, Cadence Chung, Rhys Feeney, Ted Greensmith-West, Haukupu, Kyra Lawler, Rex Letoa Paget, Casey Lucas, Ivy Lyden-Hancy, Amy Marguerite, Jackson McCarthy, Hannah Patterson, Ngaio Simmons, sylvan spring, El Spurlock, Fetūolemoana Tamapeau and Laura Vincent.

Spoiled Fruit can be purchased from most independent bookstores in Aotearoa, or purchased online via BookHub.

If you wish to stock Spoiled Fruit, please contact Expensive Hobby at hello@expensivehobby.org or through their website.

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