• Basket Case — A Review

    Basket Case — A Review

    It’s vive la révolution at Basement Theatre. The French revolution is at its peak and review Tate Fountain is dodge the guillotine to provide us insight into the black comedy that is ‘Basket Case’.

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  • tradie girl winter

    tradie girl winter

    In this poem, Rebecca Lester gives you an amalgamation of three loves lost—two former partners, and herself. (Disclaimer: she has never been a tradie.)

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  • carmilla brings us home

    carmilla brings us home

    Freya Turnbull is totally normal about vampires. ‘carmilla brings us home’ travels through ‘deviant’ desire and sinks its teeth into queer love just in time for Halloween.

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  • How to Throw a Chinese Funeral — A Review

    How to Throw a Chinese Funeral — A Review

    How does one write about being Chinese? Samantha Cheong reflects on identity through review of Jill Kwan’s ‘How to Throw a Chinese Funeral’.

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  • Hey, This Election Fucking Sucks!

    Hey, This Election Fucking Sucks!

    It’s been an “oily, queasy and deeply disheartening” few months. And yet, there is still hope. Emma Maguire challenges and encourages uneasy voters to act in these final days.

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  • und elect able

    und elect able

    Charlotte Forsyth offers up a poem full of taste, reflecting on the oddity and inertia of a general election.

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  • Offensive Voting

    Offensive Voting

    Offense or defense? In this comic work, Sam Orchard contemplates the reality of voting with a live target on your back.

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  • an automatic aggravating factor

    an automatic aggravating factor

    Callum Knight takes out his digital eraser in this ‘black out’ poem attempting to ‘fix’ the New Zealand First Policy page.

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  • The Phantasmagoria of Avatar

    The Phantasmagoria of Avatar

    In this marathon essay delving into the world of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, Eamonn Tee explores the biology of Pandora. On the journey to make it make sense, he manages to include NCEA Level 2, Hannah Montana, the Last Universal Common Ancestor, The Humongous Fungus and a whole host of other references.

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