Hineruru, The All-Knowing One

This is Hineruru, the Atua Wahine of Wisdom, Protection and Te Pō. 

This art offering serves as a digital carving that represents the Māori goddess of the underworld. With her watchful gaze upon all descendants, she blesses, protects and nourishes her children and grandchildren on their life’s destiny seen and unseen. 

Her gift is nurturing the eternal cosmic intelligence of the Hinengaro within the Divine Feminine, takatāpui and all humanity. She has descended from the many dimensions and realms of Te Pō. Here, there are spirits that dwell in the afterlife. All beings that die must be greeted by Hineruru at the crossroads of the ngahere. Her karanga signals the souls departure from te ao Marama and initiates them into the pathways of Pō as they journey to Rarohenga and Hawaiki Nui. 

Her archetypal example is found in the secret societies of bird cults found all around Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa. The owl is a common symbol in goddess worship all around Papatūānuku, it is associated with wisdom, intellect, higher learning and inspiration. Call upon Hineruru for guidance, clarity and change in perspective as she is the guardian of life, death and rebirth. 

And so the story continues…

Past  IT 

Present  ALL




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