I Know How to Enter A Conversation

Now I’ve forgotten how to keep my cool
when everyone in the cafeteria is
cracking their hard-boiled eggs with the blunt of their knife.

I try to love everything in my head,

including those moments that become
only hazy thumbnails caught under fingernails.
They erode back throat and mouth grooves and I am
at the back of the bathroom
and the front of my mind
so that in the mirror’s concavity
I am flipped.

I am so seamless,

and as close to it as kiss-cam operators

when pink lighting lungs breathe smileys
and names onto glass.
It is so natural not to notice.

I left myself there,

finger waiting in the ice to carve us all in
but melting, instead, into fleeting heat
and shards of calcium.

I forget that I keep my cool
in the tiny coin pocket at the front of my jeans.

Featured artwork courtesy of author.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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