someone on Reddit

is talking about saving up $20k on the bennie to buy a sailboat
hardwire the navigation, infinite orbit the country, rent-free

really make the most of the Exclusive Economic Zone
that fish-gut frontier and petrochemical wet dream

and to be honest some shitbox yacht will be drier
than half the rental stock on the mainland anyway.

this someone on Reddit is detailing their frugality
the same two meals every day: instant noodles, ubiquitous toast

(I gave myself anemia doing that in a dank flat
one pallid summer spent clearing tables for cruise ship crowds).

in the comments, taxpayers are baying for blood, for practicality, for sense
they are begging this person to get a driver’s license, a job, a diagnosis

to stop dreaming for free with money they earned from selling
their 40 hours a week, money not made for unmoored beneficiaries

to conjure something better for themselves. still I admire the ambition
of shooting for more than an Optimist, teaching yourself sailing from YouTube videos

alone in your room in some chipboard small town, imagining each night
the soft golf applause of water on hull, weightless in the tide.

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