what David Seymour needs is a stone top

it must be so hard out there
as an Independent Man

striking it out
in a world full of emotional women
who want to take from you⁠

your money and your very
Masculine Essence……… cum

in them and you’ll never
hear the end of it. fucken freeloaders,

in that your load is free, and
isn’t it unfair that hookers
tend to be women? you twerked on

television for charity and nobody
respects that you’re a bona fide

Sex Icon, a man of the people who
stretches other people’s dollars
instead of your orifices. rule34

searches for the other kind of
hyper inflation carefully deleted

from your browser history……
does it make you horny, David? do
you get off on prisons because

they’re cock cages for people?
do you dream of a
cheeky little ram raid with a

top who can
fold you in half? it’s okay if you cry
when you cum……… Real Men

never debase themselves by
having any fun in the bedroom,

but you could, darling.

reach out to Big Daddy National
and sit on his lap, baby. tell him
all your dirty little secrets:

you don’t want to be independent,
really⁠. you love attention. you whine
until Daddy indulges you

because your backroom
deals are just that good. let’s

trade individual liberties
like strings of spit, the
wetter the better. you filthy filthy

boy, all i want to do is watch you
get humiliated

by a thousand truths glowing
like cumstains under black
light. i know you

feel so desperate in private
where nobody can see⁠…………
you want

a hand to hold, willing to help
you up or pin you down and make
you take it. David,

get you a stone top who’ll
look after you. get you a lover

that has your back, through
the deliciously ruined orgasms and
the warm wet rag and the

universal basic income and the
being a person who

needs other people. and call that socialism.

Featured image by kate aschoff.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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