the garden of eden is melting, the blood is on my hands

careless sinner, carve my name into your lips
i want teeth clash
bared and brushed
a dizzy catharsis of limbs
i want my body to be your confessional

hide your name in the linger of your hand
make me your own
a moment too long (never enough)
i want pressed skin, bruised peach
running fingertips along my ridges
just to hear you whisper
that the greeks must have carved me from marble

i want breath fogged mirrors
you caught in my throat
the renaissance of vulnerability
tangled neatly in your hair
i want tender love, sleepless nights
wine on my lips, me in your veins
tell me i’m your succubus
tell me you want nothing more

all of this to say
this is the art of the arcane
and if you are the one to set me on fire,
i am the one who provides the match


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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