1v1 SNOG

We’re crossfaded after Eyegum
& I think it’s about time for our first
1v1 snog
we’re not quite a perfect triangle
but there’s a lot you can do
within an acute angle like this

my hair is in your fist
my throat under your lips
my body slowly unfolding
for your touch

you know it’s funny
how you’re such a sub bottom thot
but not with me
cos my sub bottom thottiness
trumps yours

& you know
I like to think of myself as the pillow princess
but then there’s your hair
(those perfect voluminous locks)
& your eyes
(like turquoise starlight)
& I think maybe the princess is you

& I like the sounds you make
I like watching each other masturbate
you say I’ve got a
‘cute nut’
so do you
honestly what kind of nut
isn’t cute

so you know the morning kicks off with an orgasm
& then I set up the Skyrim
& you cuddle up to me
as I deliver my stealthy wood elf’s backstory

& I’ve been playing Skyrim consistently for ten years
but I’ve never had so much fun
as when I played Skyrim with you
monologuing as I fuck up this bitch Mercer Frey
& you, delivering those flawless one-liners
that seem to come to you so easily
& making me belly-laugh so hard I start crying

& we’re thinking about getting a feed
but it’s raining so we cuddle some more before we leave
& I give you a good old-fashioned handjob
& you jizz on my tummy
& we send a snapchat to the third side of our perfect triangle
(the supreme thot goddess herself)
because we are the essence of comedy

& when we eventually leave the house
everything is golden
& I feel so young, & alive, & carefree
walking past these strangers like
they have no idea how HILARIOUS we are
guts for them
they have no idea
how perfectly in alignment with the
true destiny of my soul I feel

like I am exactly who I’m supposed to be when I’m with you
like it just makes sense to tell you I love you
like I’ve only known you a month
but June is another firework for our display

we light the fuse & throw it up Cuba Street
cackling uproariously
as this whole city,
our whole world
ignites so brightly
cartwheeling chaotically with colour.

Featured photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash.


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