while i watch love island

the rain is testing its relationship 

                         against my single-glazed windows 

                         the droplets fatten & throw themselves with force

like how the personal trainer from manchester

           is thrusting himself upon the influencer-slash-model from newcastle 

as she time & time again 

          bats his hand away from holding hers 

once he performs the laborious task 

                         of putting all his eggs in her basket 

he can sleep soundly surrounded by dozens 

          knowing he’s bagged a fit bird

                                   meanwhile the rain has proven itself 

                                   & cracks on through the glass 

                                   steadily damping my carpet

while i watch love island in my flooded living room 

                         ankles damp & dripping 

               the country exclaims as we got a text (!)

 i leave the government on read 

                as if i’d go outside anyway bc

                         … TONIGHT …

there is a bombshell entering the villa 

                         & they’re looking to graft  

the existing couples quake in their skimpy swimwear   

                oiled muscles undulating 

                         at the possibility of being pulled for a chat 

                                   meanwhile ice has formed 

                                   a strong connection with the murky swamp 

                                   that is my house 

now the season has come to an end 

                & i don’t know where my head’s at 

                         i’ve accidentally mugged off all my friends       

 my cold damp house is unfit to live in

                & i can’t afford to buy any groceries

but oh to be in the villa 

                                   no wifi no books no war no outside no thoughts no 

                                   worrying just two drinks per night just 

                                   sitting by the pool just chatting just vibes

                                   just fucking vibes


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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