You don’t know if I want you to touch me but I do

You’re like premenstrual syndrome
emotionally taxing and swollen
swollen with love
It sneaks inside
Fills up all the gaps like a migraine

I need to stare at the ceiling 
                        and sweat unattractively
I need you to care for me
wipe my brow and say you’re not dying
When I clearly am

When the mucosic saliva starts to collect
I want you to take your finger and 
slowly run it across the curve of my lip
tentatively, with exploratory intent
You’re so tender and I just want to eat you 

I want you to stick 
your whole fucking hand 
down my throat 
                        and then 
          I want 
                      to swallow

Yeah, I love you extractively
Like fossil fuel inspection
It’s not sustainable 
but it feels like money
Feels like success, like we’re  
                           . . . making it
The world’s Sexiest American Dream

I want to eat you alive like the planet
Take all the most beautiful parts of you 
                                   and find out how they taste
Digest them so you can never get them back
So you become unrecognisable
                                                  to everyone 
                                                  but me

Featured photo by Baly Gaudin.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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