your soul, grew fibres to mine 

i rip away–tearing our physical connection 

your flame screams in anger 

i’m pushing you away 

i’m cutting you out 

your flesh is ripping 

and as horrible as the sound is 

i endure it 

flashbacks take my vision 

i am blinded by you 

letting go is not a want but a need 

the place is different without you 

all spaces are now altered because your existence is no longer 

longer is what i wish you had and i don’t pray but here i am whispering to myself 

asking for your comfortable rest 

and for happiness, wherever you may end up next my friend 

last night i dreamt of you 

you asked me if i wanted to go walking 

of course i said yes 

i stopped walking and you continued 

wherever you may be 

i give you a piece of my heart 

to keep you warm in the cold

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In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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