the world knows tht i hate mornings
so naturally they are getting longer

in the halflight which weeks ago was sunswept 
i look back through misted windows at

u sleeping in the ruins of the bed
tht took me too long to make

through each condensation droplet
u (the person i love) lay refracted 

cheeks buried in blanket snowdrifts
hair expanding like the crab nebula 

u’ll make the bed in tht perfect hotel way
put away the mugs to 

gently obscure any hint  
tht someone lives here 

but we have been looking for life for so long
we have become experts 

if u squint at distant suns 
eventually some of their glow skims  

through the atmosphere of their planets
& scientists (who are smarter than me)

can pull apart spectra to decode the
phantoms hiding in this light

they can point to the barcodes of life 
oxygen / methane / carbon 

through the window i can see ur 
soft breathing feeding my dying plants

when i get home u will be gone
the evening sun through the window 

will trap dust motes like animals on highways
& i will stand squinting at work emails 

just smart enough to decode the 
traces of u tht linger in the damp air

& i will miss u
i will really miss u

Featured image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.


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