I guess I like to fuck middle-aged men now

CW: sex, adult themes

Yesterday morning, I watched some Russian guy
fuck a pocket pussy that had a tiny torso. 
He’d put it on top of a big rock
in the midst of some crumbling ruins,
jacket on the ground to protect his knees.
At one angle, behind his shoulder
you couldn’t see the pussy – 
he was fucking straight into the dirt
screaming beyond what seemed reasonable,
like a man who’d lost something.

Around midday, I went for a walk
through the bush to a little dam.
As I was going, I noticed old copper pipes
like over-large, decaying pool noodles
strewn around, brick that once encircled them
almost completely worn away.
Some were still dribbling 
fresh water into the stream. 

A man in his sixties, wearing
a dri-lite polo shirt and dirty dogs
said a polite hello as he passed me.
I imagined him folding me over
a tree branch and absolutely drilling
my pussy. Me, fucking without body
but as dispersion 
made temporarily whole.
Him, pouring water 
from the stream over 
my disintegrating form, screaming 
like a man who’d been found. 


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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