avoidant tendencies

we put off tht simple task until
     all the protons in our phones decay
only to discover in the long dark of leptons tht 
     it is not tht hard to fold a couple of t-shirts
we put off those simple tasks while
     blackholes evaporate like high school friends while
              burger joints flirt w each other
                           on twitter while we stand in the wide field while
                                       the universe expands like the wealth gap
                                                    until the sky is a frozen white screen 
it’s tragic in an old greek way tht we were
        born too old to find tom hanks attractive 
                      too young to watch the universe die 
we: the neutron star tht grew in the ruins of messageboards 
      standing firm at the picket lines 
                  of orchestrated social media feuds
                                w pride charms hanging from video game assault rifles 
                                whose escape dreams parrot the calls of van-life influencers 
we put off simple tasks like writing poems 
       bc we are waiting for heat death of everything
but the truth is we don’t know how
       this will end how
                      long this will keep going how
       long can we put this off until it becomes a problem
we are stalling we
      have stalled we will be late to work we
                 won’t make it to this dinner 
we will stay in this bed until the planet 
      degenerates into ferrous dust 
& I hope in the void a mote tht was once me
      brushes past a particle tht was once u 

Featured photo by Alejo Reinoso on Unsplash.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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