it is now safe to turn off your computer

i am replying to work emails while
listening to the doom soundtrack
when my frnd sends me edit of adam driver saying:
	every day i wake up (!)
				then punching the wall
like i did at 16 
so i laugh react 	& send back a video of ducks waddling
	under a rainbow
he replies smth like: wholemeal
	he figures i am telling him i’m happy 
we drop in the battle royale 	speedrun getting called slurs
		i choose the enby legend
	i am on my phone between rounds to avoid spicy thoughts
assassination in haiti	new tyler album	thristraps
	i message another frnd a vid from the infinite scrolling app
did u kno this is how carrots are harvested?
	do u have any idea how much goes into tht depression meal
typing on the mechanical keyboard is therapeutic 
	larping as a white collar working who might send enough
9pm emails to buy a house in the suburbs  
	i alt tab b/t data collection services 	
targeted ads for face masks	cute pics of cats	
	warm in the soothing embrace of the social internet
check out gay fashion on the blogsite 	open an email from a political party
	donate to a land occupation		i fall into a wiki hole 
abt the windows xp wallpaper		bliss		more than a billion ppl have seen tht image 		u could say: 	
	the peak of humanity	a time when things were better	
but maybe i was just young 				it makes me remember
playing the us military propaganda game 	in the heat of the gfc
	1 v 1s late into the night 	the positive affirmations for
a generation of boys: 	we’ll get em next time	we’ll learn how to put one foot 
	right in front of the other		working everyday for the next 40 smth yrs
		i open word to write a poem abt cows 		who am i kidding
	i’ve worked on a farm	i buy my breakfast bars in plastic packaging 
i wish we could back to late night msn chats 		instead of logging off
@10pm 	to get sleep for work	i play my fav game
how far into this article abt a 21yo homeowner will it be 	
	until they mention the interest-free loan from parents
i think about floppy disks		how to teach kids abt data retrieval tomorrow
	my gpu is getting warmer 		desperately trying to thaw 	
my rotting heritage home 		i message a grandparent 	
	flick thru dating profiles which say acab
			i think 		i mean i wonder	how many ppl
 are playing this game rn		how many are tired		
	how many are happy in nice homes w loving families
the person who shoots me in the face	do they look at the stars the way i do
	do they feel the tiredness creeping into their bones
the person who loots my dead body		do they care abt the way the sun
	shines on the water in the morning 	do they also look at it 
while driving 		dangerously distracted by the beauty of the world	
	do they stop to take a pic 		even tho it will make them late

Featured photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash.


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