Ass & Assonance

Loving you lacked luster left me in a rut
A sucker-punch to my sucked in size 14 gut
I suck on sour patch kids for a snack in between lunch
I guess this year my fears have really packed a punch—line hanging out my clothes while I work on my prose,
I cut roses in the garden but I keep my guard up
Pruned you like a posey, you no longer get to know me

Never scissored you so I had to use my shears
wicked weeds waiting to withdraw from my lawn
got tired of your tyranny, you're a terrible yawn
compressed and depressed ready for the beyond
practically pushing up daisies, praying for you to be gone

Your tears only ever watered you
your soil soaked from sensitivity and the inability to shoulder your share of responsibilities
suddenly so dry when it came to me
A bee incapable of pollinating
the nectar never left your noble wings
a peasant preposterously posing as a Queen

See, but…

She’s secure and I’m attached
for once I’m not awaiting animosity attacks
Actually allowing affection acquire assent 
restricted renovations require resource consents
conserving conversations
here’s the version that’s condensed

You were a fucking mess

now… ahem.. let me skip ahead to me in bed with someone else undressed

Lately, puckering up my tulips to another girls lips
for a chapstick or a matte gloss kiss
Finishing first to finally fall asleep before her
Stirred the sheets in her sleep to get a sip of water

I wanna be the person that makes her thirsty in the night
tackling terrors terrorizing her through dreams
distracting demons derailing her peace
I’ve spent this year on top and underneath
each sweaty sexy session a sonnet to me

she's got gracious gratitude for my anxious attitude
switchin’ positions from longitude to latitude
I wait with wide eyes for the wax to burn my thighs
a bratty bottom begging for bruises; no surprise

She’s definitely dominating demonstrating power
I’m salivating over each sensation by the hour
respectfully requesting my remarkable release
Like……..can I come now please?
relying on red handprints for both sets of cheeks

I guess when you spend so much time fucking
You forget how much the world is sucking

She’s asking me what assonance is
so I ask her to arch her back and I eat her ass until her arms give

Featured photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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