Pam: An Autobiography

I was a girl, then a boy, then a girl again. I didn’t know gender dysphoria was a thing as a teen, just that I was so upset with God, and my chest hurt from trying to bind away puberty; I didn’t have access to that vocabulary in high school, and I don’t really think about it anymore. I like who I am now. 

This was only meant to be a silly comic, but it accidentally came to reflect my flip-flopping identity, loss thereof, and subsequent indifference. I’ve grown to realise I’ve never been cishet, and that combined with coming from a refugee family means I can’t really relate to any culture or gender, like Pam can’t relate to hers. We’re a bit strange, but it’s chill. We have ourselves and love us for that nonetheless. 

Page 1/5 of "My Name is Pam." Pam is a werewolf looking humanoid with pointy ears and shaggy hair. Pam introduces themself laying back and snapping their fingers. "My name is Pam. I am a nasty little monster. I am an AREWOLF." they say. Pam explains on a blackboard "We're like were wolves but a different declension. We prefer to live in the present." Pam explains more about arewolves with a picture of their parents. "Like many fantasy creatures, we are sexually dimorphic. This means the males and females look different to each other." Pam's dad is a stereotypical transformed werewolf and Pam's mother is a lithe, sexy woman in a tight dress and high heels.
Pam shrugs. "Me? I'm just good ol' Pam." Pam does a headstand while their father howls and their mother claps. "I do tricks for snacks." Pam removes their clothes. "I take my clothes off in public." Pam runs away from their mother, naked. "I go for runs."
Pam waits and pounces on birds, attacking them. "When I go for runs, I like to chase birds. We have lots of fun." Pam's turns monstrous with fangs bared.
A pattern of the moon changing into an eyeball is shown. Pam's silhouette floats in shadow. "Life is good except for one small thing. Every month on the night of the new moon..." A manga-esque, pretty version of Pam is shown with lush long black hair spread out around them. A pattern of roses is shown in the background. "...I turn into a beautiful human girl. This is the curse I must bear." she says.
The manga-esque beautiful version of Pam throws up on the ground. "The worst part is definitely regurgitating all those birds, though." she muses.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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