dreamless night

after Orville Peck’s “Dead of Night”

i know it may not be likely    i know the sun may explode by then 
taking us all with her
      but i want to grow old with you       i want the cliché
a porch we build together   us, on matching rocking chairs each day   with our hot pink sequin cowboy hats    not to mention the bolo ties & pointy boots          i’ll ask you what you think the answer is to the daily crossword                   & you’ll know because                      of course you know
you’ll say something like        “oh darlin’ the answer was always balderdash”             we’ll scroll the metaverse until our 
ex-dairy cows come home   we’ll listen to orville peck croon     while we hoverboard into the horizon red      our forms dissolving into the distant canyon   
is that too much to ask?           
       it’s such a small thing                      to ask of
if you think about it
we’re simply a speck floating around god’s cornea soon to dissolve; a piece of flesh waiting to be reabsorbed into the universe  
and i want to manifest this main-character-life with you 
                                before it’s all over
it explains why i’m fighting off sleep
to write this              at 2 in the morning – 
another dreamless night

Featured image courtesy of author.


In a dream, you saw a way to survive, and you were filled with joy.


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