Somatic Shomudro’s Queer Sex Ed Column

Kia ora and nomoshkar 🙂

My name is Shomudro and I’m a queer, non-binary Somatic Sex Educator. I’m of Bangladeshi and Pākehā descent and I’m based in Tāmaki Makaurau. For the last five years I’ve been helping people find a better connection to their bodies, and in turn, have a better sex life with themselves and others. 

As queers, we can have such a range of experiences with our bodies from dysphoria to euphoria, or numbness/nothingness. This can have a huge impact on our sex lives that most cis/het therapists just don’t understand. The sex education that we have been taught is often also from a lens that isn’t useful or relevant to us and is very gendered. I myself have been frustrated with the lack of queer representation in therapy spaces (let alone queer and POC!) so I imagine others might feel similarly. 

I would love to provide a space where people can send in any questions they have (anonymously if needed) about relationships, their bodies, how to ask for touch, how to know what it is that you want, how to negotiate different sex drives, how to have really good sex with yourself, sex toy recommendations . . . literally anything! 

If this is something you as a reader would like to see, sing out to the team at bad apple ( with your questions and queries and they can try to make it a regular feature! 

Mā te wā,

Shomudro Das

Featured photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash.


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